Best creatine
Since the discovery of creatine monohydrate, laboratories competed ingenuity to improve assimilation, profitability and efficiency. There is now a whole family of Creatine from their research that achieve results much faster.

Indeed, the degradation of creatine to creatinine within the body can be prevented or slowed by combining different molecules creatine (salt, alcohol function (ethyl), glucose, mineral ...). Avoiding too rapid degradation of creatine, strength, power, muscle volume and protein synthesis will be significantly increased.

The different types of Creatine
Among the Best Creatine market must often rely on Creatine powder drink mix with other substances on Creatine tablets. Indeed, it is rather difficult to compress into small tablets all the ingredients by which creatine may work better and perform better.

Actually, it's all about assimilation and you will definitely notice the effects of creatine are magnified when it is taken simultaneously with dextrose, glutamine and taurine or ALA (alpha lipoic acid). In the same vein, it now combines Creatine other molecules to slow degradation in the stomach and intestine.

Among the creatine powder CellTech Hardcore MuscleTech is certainly one of the current Top Creatine: it allows a transformation of the body in a few weeks. As it is enriched with dextrose to promote insulin secretion, it may be a little revenge recommended for people watching their weight, although if it is consumed only after sessions of intensive sport, the chances of transformation in adipose tissue are very minimal.

Cell-Tech Hardcore is one of the few supplements offer six different types of Creatine including the inevitable Creatine monohydrate, malate dicreatine and Creatine Alpha-Ketoglutarate. But Creatine without other accompanying nutrients to promote muscle volume or sensitivity of cells to insulin is much less effective, MuscleTech has understood very well with CellTech Hardcore.

However, for those who really want to control their carbohydrate intake (especially during periods of regime), one of the Best creatine powder will be undoubtedly the Cell-Mass AVPT BSN. This is one of the post-workout formulas of the most popular market. Designed from malate ester Creatine Ethyl Cell Mass allows you to optimize your recovery more effectively regenerating your stocks while you Creatine phosphate providing a source of high quality protein.

If you prefer taking tablets, Best Creatine for a rapid increase in strength is kre-alkalyn. This somewhat peculiar form of Creatine allows it to withstand the acidity of the stomach due to its high pH and arrive perfectly preserved at the entrance of your cells.

Creatine for muscle mass and volume
By cons, to maintain muscle development Creakic Hardcore (for release tablets) or Cell-Tech Hardcore (for version powder drink) MuscleTech remains the benchmark. The secret Creakic Hardcore / CellTech ardcore is based on the establishment of a molecular structure scientifically studied to cause gains in strength and muscle growth unsurpassed. Associated with a protein or gainer, this type of Creatine naturally promote muscle gain and dry volume over the long term.

Taken during mass do not hesitate to refer you to the tri-creatine malate contained in CM3 Trec Nutrition that in addition to being one of the Best Creatine for cellular hydration, has the advantage of being much more digestible and assimilated than regular creatine monohydrate.

Finally, the method by effervescence, allows a massive penetration of creatine in the blood. In this category, the Best Creatine we offer is Createck Mass. The combination of effervescent creatine, glutamine and HMB will optimize your muscle development.


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